Meet Carol and Fay your friendly local craft helpers! Carol and Fay opened Mundaring’s Crafty Corner in 2000 after having spent many years working together as Girl Guide Leaders for the Girl Guide Association.  Being both crafty people, and crafty orientated within Guides we were always running down to Midland for craft supplies. After having made this trip a few too many times we decided to open up our own Craft store so that others like us would not have to make the commute to Midland for basic craft needs.


The question then was where to open the craft store? Carol’s husband Tom has been running a TV repair business from a small shop in Mundaring, but with the downturn in the electronic business he no longer required the whole shop for space. So the craft store began! Firstly Carol and Fay acquired numerous small essential craft items, but as the shop and our passion for crafts continued to grow we opened up craft classes as well! As word got around, Carol and Fay were asked to supply more and more items, so that today we have a vast array of craft supplies!


Whether you are looking for simple stickers or advice on how to complete your latest crochet pattern Fay and Carol are always happy to help! Give us a call or drop by the shop to see our friendly faces.

Since Fay passed away in early 2019 Carol is continuing to keep everyone happy.